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Vibration-assisted assembly of miniature multi-stage planetary gear drives carried by a robot

: Müller, E.; Neugebauer, J.-G.; Schraft, R.D.

International Federation of Robotics:
Advanced Robotics: Beyond 2000. Conference papers
Redhill, Surrey: dmg Business Media Ltd., 1998
International Symposium on Robotics <29, 1998, Birmingham>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Getriebe; Industrieroboter; Montage; Planetengetriebe; Präzisionsmontage; Verbindung; Vibrationsunterstützung

Considering the assembly of miniature multistage planetary gear drives, the mating process of the sun gear between the planet gears and the meshing of the ring gear represents a crucial automation obstacle. The possibility of deadlock and canting of the gears require a controlled compensation of positioning errors and tolerances. This paper describes an analytical and experimental investigation of strategies for the assembly of the sun gear and the ring gear of a planetary gear drive. By means of a special joining system, a compensation of tolerance can be accomplished with a close loop control syste. This is characterised by an oscillating rotation and a horizontal vibration which can be controlled and flexibly adjusted. Positioning errors will be measured and compensated by a close loop controlled movement superimposed to the vibration-assisted joining process.