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Verzweigte Polyammoniumverbindungen mit hohem Molekulargewicht und Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung

Comb-type branched poly ammonium salts with tailored properties - have side chains formed by unsatd. quat. ammonium cpd. grafted on main chain of linear prepolymer contg. amino gps., useful for purifying water.
: Hahn, M.; Jaeger, W.; Cramm, J.

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DE 1995-19524867 A: 19950707
DE 1995-19524867 A: 19950707
DE 19524867 C2: 20000803
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Comb-type branched polyammonium salts of formula (I) with high mol. wt., have side chains formed by unsatd. quat. ammonium cpd. (II) and a main chain formed by linear prepolymer (III) contg. amino gps.. USE - (I) are useful in water purificn., e.g. sewage treatment such as dewatering sludge or purification of contaminated water. ADVANTAGE - The mol. wt. of (I) can be controlled by the mol. wt. of (III) and the mol. wt. and no. of pendant gps. by the concn. of grafting points on (III). This allows the properties of (I) in soln. to be tailored over a wide range. There is a drastic rise in intrinsic viscosity during polymerisation. In addn., (I) in which (II) is diallyl-dimethyl-ammonium chloride (DADMAC) are insol. in MeOH.