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Verwendung eines Bindemittelgemisches aus sulfatischen, kalkspendenden und puzzolanischen Stoffen

Bindemittelgemisch aus sulfatischen, kalkspendenden und aluminatreichen, puzzolanischen Stoffen (A1)
Binding agent mixture comprising sulphatized, lime-dispensing, puzzolanic substances rich in aluminate
: Sattler, H.; Kossatz, G.; Lempfer, K.

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DE 1982-3230406 A: 19820816
DE 1982-3230406 A: 19820816
EP 1983-107293 A: 19830725
DE 3230406 C2: 19920416
EP 103119 B1: 19891011
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A cementing agent consisting of sulphatic, lime-rich and pozzolanic substances results in setting products, which have relatively high initial strength, no post-softening typical of gypsum and greater final strength as a result of hydraulic post-setting, depending on the mixing ratio. To ensure a stable-volume setting characteristic, the ratio between lime-rich and pozzolanic components may not exceed 0.75.