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Wear resistant camshaft - has remelt layer consisting of Ledebur cementite and metal matrix with phase mixture of martensite and/or bainite, residual austenite and fine-streaked pearlite.
: Brenner, B.; Wetzig, A.; Naunapper, D.; Duschek, C.

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DE 1996-19637464 A: 19960913
DE 1996-19637464 A: 19960913
EP 1997-943775 AW: 19970912
WO 1997-DE2072 A: 19970912
DE 19637464 C1: 19971009
EP 925377 B1: 20011212
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The camshaft is made of cast iron, with a boundary layer consisting of a Ledebur remelt layer and a martensitic hardening zone located below it. The remelt layer consists of finely dispersed Ledebur cementite with a wall thicknesses at most equal to 1 mu m and a metal matrix with a phase mixture of martensite and/or bainite, residual austenite, as well as less than 20% of fine-streaked pearlite with a lamellar distance at most equal to 0.1 mu m. The hardening zone consists of a phase mixture of martensite and/or bainite, partly dissolved pearlite and residual austenite. Also claimed is a method for producing the camshaft. USE - In motor vehicle manufacture. ADVANTAGE - Resistance to sliding wear is improved in comparison to that obtainable by known methods.