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Verpackungswerkstoff und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung

Gas and aroma-tight packaging material based on paper or cardboard - with smoothing layer on which paint, barrier and cover layers are applied to form recyclable material.
: Schiller, S.; Neumann, M.; Schiller, N.

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DE 1995-19523530 A: 19950628
DE 1995-19523530 A: 19950628
DE 19523530 C1: 19960926
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Packaging material consists of a base of paper or cardboard; a smoothing layer (2) on one side, of polyethylene; a highly crosslinked solvent-free paint layer; an inorganic barrier layer (4) on the paint layer, and a heat-sealable cover layer (5). Pref. the smoothing layer is of a low-density polyethylene with a surface wt. pref. of 20-30 g/m2; paint is an acrylate paint with a surface wt. of 2-5 g/m2; barrier layer is an Al or Al oxide layer, respectively 30-60 nm or 20-40 nm thick; and cover layer is of low-density polyethylene. Also claimed is a process for mfr. of the packaging material from a continuous base material strip on which smoothing layer is applied and paint layer is cross linked by electron beam before application of subsequent layers. ADVANTAGE - Gas and aroma-tight packaging material made without Al foil and acceptable for recycling.