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Verglasungselement, insbesondere zur Gebäudefassadenverkleidung

Verglasungselement mit variabler Transmission (C2)
Switchable coating structure
: Graf, W.; Georg, A.; Wittwer, V.; Koehl, M.; Brucker, F.; Gombert, A.; Thomas, L.K.

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DE 1994-4440572 A: 19941114
DE 1994-4440572 A: 19941114
EP 1995-937757 A: 19951114
WO 1995-DE1573 W: 19951114
DE 4440572 C2: 19970507
EP 792406 B1: 19990203
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The description refers to a coating structure comprising - a reactive layer applied to a substrate, and - a catalyst layer applied to the reactive layer, - which activates a reactive layer reaction that changes the optical and/or electrical characteristics of the reactive layer as a factor of the composition of the ambient gas atmosphere.