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Verfahren zur Vorbereitung der Erzeugung strukturierter Metallschichten mit Hilfe von Proteinen

Production of structured metal layers on substrate - by applying protein-containing layers on substrate, and partially irradiating.
: Fiedler, S.; Oesterhelt, D.; Meyer, H.; Scheel, W.; Reichl, H.

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Process for preparing the production of structured metal layers on substrate surfaces comprises: (a) applying protein-containing layers on the substrate surface, where the protein forms under the action of light a vectoral slope of a physical or chemical property between two compartments formed by the layer and the change of physical or chemical property is effected in one or both compartments so that metal ions or compounds are reduced to the metal or are accessible for a later reaction; and (b) partially irradiating the substrate. USE - Used to produce thin metal coatings on curved substrates required to reproduce letters or drawings. ADVANTAGE - Flat- and three-dimensional structures can be produced on smooth, planar or curved surfaces. No stamp printing technique is required.