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Verfahren zur Verringerung des loeslichen Chromatgehaltes von Holzaschen

Reducing soluble chromium content of wood ash.
: Pohlandt-Schwandt, K.; Marutzky, R.

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DE 1997-19750894 A: 19971117
DE 1997-19750894 A: 19971117
DE 19750894 C2: 20010215
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NOVELTY - A method for the treatment of chromate- containing wood ash comprises mixing the ash with a reducing agent which is effective at highly alkaline pH, then homogenizing the mixture and allowing it to stand. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a process for the treatment of wood-containing waste materials which are burnt and then dumped, in which the ash from the burnt wood is processed as above before disposal. USE - The process is used in an incinerator with a wet ash removal system by adding the reducing agent to the water in the ash remover, preferably before starting up the incinerator and also when the system is operating (claimed). ADVANTAGE - Reduces the soluble chromium content of wood ash and makes it suitable for disposal as domestic waste.