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Verfahren zur Verbindung von Fuegepartner

Joining constituent parts of a product - using self-locking friction joint formed between the parts before welding is applied to them.
: Ehrhardt, A.; Behler, K.

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DE 1996-19625873 A: 19960627
DE 1996-19625873 A: 19960627
DE 19625873 C2: 20030430
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The method comprises joining a constituent, partly overlapping parts of a product. At least one of such parts has a protruding edge which bounds the overlap region and is pressed against the other part so that a self-locking friction joint is formed before the two parts are joined by welding. USE - Primarily in manufacture of open or closed hollow products requiring gas-tight or liquid-tight joints. ADVANTAGE - Drawbacks (weight increase, high cost, poor corrosion resistance) of known methods are eliminated.