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Verfahren zur Verbindung eines flexiblen Substrats mit einem Chip

Process for the binding of a flexible substrate to a chip
: Azdasht, G.; Zakel, E.; Reichl, H.

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DE 1995-19504967 A: 19950215
DE 1995-19504967 A3: 19950215
DE 1995-19549635 A: 19950215
DE 19504967 C2: 20020124
DE 19549635 B4: 20041209
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Process for the thermal binding of contact elements (14, 15) of a flexible substrate (10) with contact metallizations (17) of an electronic component (12), whereby the flexible substrate has a substrate (13) made of plastic and the contact elements are applied with energy from their rear, i.e. in the form of a laser beam (11), whereby the transparency of the substrate (19), the absorption of the contact elements (14, 15) and the wavelength of the laser beam (11) are matched so that the laser beam is guided mainly through the substrate (13) and is absorbed in the contact elements (14, 15), and the substrate (10) is applied with pressure in such a way that the contact elements (14, 15) of the substrate (10) and the contact metallizations (17) of the component (12) are in contact with each other when the laser beam (11) is applied to them.