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Verfahren zur Ueberwachung von Fuegeprozessen mit impulsfoermigem Antrieb

Process for the monitoring of joining processes using pulse-shaped drive
: Wuertz, G.; Stoeffler, D.; Fraenkel, T.

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DE 1991-4137750 A: 19911116
DE 1991-4137750 A: 19911116
DE 4137750 C2: 20000720
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description refers to a process for the monitoring of processes in which process parameters occur in form of pulses. The process according to the invention is characterized by the fact that the path travelled z and the total path z of the joint part are calculated from the defined use of energy W<-i of the process tool per pulse or per impact, and the presetting of the tolerance ranges for the process operation takes place at the start of the process on basis of actual measured path per impact z<-act in such a way that, during the jointing process, tolerance bands (envelopes) are generated, whereby the measured values must lie within the relevant tolerance band to obtain a fault-free process, and that, in the case of failure, a fault strategy dependent on the concrete failure case is applied.