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Verfahren zur Ueberwachung eines Produktionsprozesses

Process for the monitoring of a production process
: Schmidberger, E.; Muessigmann, U.; Abele, A.; Schmutz, M.

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DE 1994-4418532 A1: 19940527
DE 1995-19518804 A: 19950526
DE 19518804 A1: 19951221
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Process for the monitoring of a manufacturing process, whereby (a) process codes (Pk1...Pkn) are determined from the signal signatures at several points of the process during a significant process section for the manufacture of a product; (b) the process codes occurring during the manufacture of products are allocated to a neural network (NN1) as its input parameters; (c) the values of quality features (Qk1...Qkm) are allocated to the nerual network (NN1) in an evaluation phase; (d) the neural network (NN1) is trained; (e) quality features values or classes are derived from the process codes by means of the trained neural network (NN1) in a monitoring phase, said values being displayed and/or documented and/or used to sort the manufactured products (OK and NOK) and/or to control the process.