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Verfahren zur Uebertragung und/oder Speicherung digitaler Audiosignale nach dem ISO-MPEG-Audio-Standard mit erweiterten Abtastfrequenzen und Bitraten

Process for the transmission and/or storage of digital audio signals based on the ISO-MPEG audio standard with extended sampling frequencies and bit rates

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DE 1992-4222150 A: 19920706
DE 1992-4222150 A: 19920706
DE 4222150 C2: 19940609
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a process for the transmission and/or storage of digital audio signals. In particular, the invention relates to processes based on the ISO/MPE standard 11172-3. In this process, two bits are provided in the bit stream to represent the sampling frequency. Therefore, only four different frequencies can be implemented. Three sampling frequencies are already defined and one is still free. According to the invention, the fourth setting for the sampling frequency is not assigned to an additional frequency value, but a redefinition of the bit rate table is performed. In the selection of the setting, the process switches from the table of possible bit rates to a table containing the combination of several sampling frequencies and bit rates. This extends the number of sampling values. The process is specially designed for applications in which only a low transmission capacity is available or if many channels are transmitted at the same time.