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Verfahren zur Uebertragung und Installation und/oder Aktualisierung von Software und/oder Daten

Packet data record transmission method for software or data installation - dividing data records into higher and lower priority and sending high priority records at higher transfer rate and lower number of repetitions, and low priority records at lower rate and higher number of repetitions.

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The method involves transmitting data records in the form of data packets from a transmitter to a receiver without feedback by the receiver regarding error occurrences in the transferred data records. The data records are divided into records of higher priority and records of lower priority, and the records of higher priority are sent at a high transfer rate, the data packets are transmitted only once or with a small amount of repetitions. The data records of lower priority are sent at a low transfer rate. The data packets are transmitted with a larger amount of repetitions. USE/ADVANTAGE - Esp. for broadcast transmission in computer network, e.g. e-mail. Enables large amount of receivers, and assures that valid data is present at receiver after predetermined amount of time.