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Verfahren zur Uebertragung digitaler Daten ohne feste Kopplung zwischen den Taktfrequenzen und der Uebertragungsfrequenz

Process for transferring digital data without a fixed link between clock rates and transmission frequency

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DE 1992-4224786 A: 19920727
DE 1992-4224786 A: 19920727
EP 1993-914616 A: 19930706
DE 4224786 A1: 19940203
EP 653093 B1: 19961227
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The description refers to a process for transferring digital data, in particular audio data, by means of which data is compressed in an encoder and then transmitted in encoded form, and decompressed and decoded in a decoder. With known processors, data are fed at an input clock rate from a signal source to the encoder and sent at an output clock rate from the decoder to a signal receiver. The input and output clock rates are synchronized. The process according to the invention avoids this synchronization and is therefore applicable with much greater flexibility. The output clock rate is supplied by a controllable oscillator independent of the input clock rate. The oscillator is controlled dependent on the internal processing state of the decoder, for example depending on the fill state of the internal data buffer. In a further version of the invention, the oscillator is controlled dependent on the difference between the volume of the data arriving in the decoder and extracted from the decoder. The incoming data volume is determined from the transmission frequency and the average data rate.