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Verfahren zur Steuerung eines Ultraschall- Entfernungssensors

Process for the control of a ultrasonic distance sensor
: Langen, A.; Grunewald, U.

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DE 1990-4003775 A: 19900208
DE 1990-4003775 A: 19900208
DE 4003775 C2: 19930909
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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In a process for the control of an ultrasonic distance sensor (1, 1'), which has at least one ultrasonic transmitter excitable by a control unit by means of an ultrasonic frequency, the invention proposes the variability of at least one of the parameters of the ultrasonic transmitter of the ultrasonic distance sensor (1 or 1') in order to permit the use of several independent ultrasonic distance sensors with overlapping working areas to differentiate between the measuring signals of several ultrasonic distance sensors (1, 1'), whereby the variable parameter is provided by the frequency and/or the temporal interval between several short ultrasonic bursts sent consecutively and/or their pulse lengths.