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Verfahren zur Steuerung der Leistungsverteilung bei bipolaren Niederdruck-Glimmprozessen

Power distribution control in bipolar low-pressure glow discharge process - with controllable superimposed direct current adjusted so that specified power distribution between the two electrodes is maintained.
: Kopte, T.; Winkler, T.; Kirchhoff, V.

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DE 1996-19605314 A: 19960214
DE 1996-19605314 A: 19960214
EP 1997-917221 AW: 19970207
WO 1997-DE266 A: 19970207
EP 880795 B1: 20011017
DE 19605314 C2: 20020131
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The process concerns control of the power distribution between two electrodes (2a,2b) in a bipolar low-pressure glow discharge installation driven by an alternating voltage and a superimposed direct voltage. The direct voltage is produced by a controllable four-quadrant direct voltage source (6). One terminal of this source is connected to the alternating current source (5), while the other terminal is connected to the electrode (2b). Dependent on a parameter of the glow discharge process and the coating task, the direct voltage is controlled and/or adjusted so that a specified ratio of power distribution between the two electrodes is maintained. USE - Used for surface treatment, cleaning and coating. ADVANTAGE - Static and dynamic control of the power distribution can be exerted over a broad frequency range and at high power levels. Very accurate maintenance of process parameter is possible.