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Verfahren zur Stabilisierung und Langzeitkonservierung von roten Blutzellen

Process for the stabilization and long-term preservation of red blood corpuscles
: Loth, F.; Matthes, G.; Mavrina, L.

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DE 1993-4331388 A: 19930915
DE 1993-4331388 A: 19930915
EP 1994-926096 A: 19940914
WO 1994-DE1054 W: 19940914
DE 4331388 C2: 19971016
EP 719151 A: 19960703
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The invention relates to a process for the stabilization and long-term preservation or for the rejuvenation of erythrocytes, by which an erythrocyte concentrate is first recovered using known methods in themselves, whereby the erythrocyte concentrate is passed through at least one adsorber containing a cation modified polymer material and the erythrocytes leaving the adsorber are resuspended in a chloride-free additive solution.