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Verfahren zur Stabilisierung der Plasmaerzeugung mittels Elektronenstrahlverdampfer

Process for the stabilization of plasma generation by means of electron beam vapour-depositors
: Kirchhoff, V.; Goedicke, K.; Metzner, C.; Scheffel, B.

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DE 1993-4304613 A: 19930216
DE 1993-4304613 A: 19930216
EP 1994-904133 A: 19940113
WO 1994-DE30 W: 19940113
DE 4304613 C1: 19940526
EP 685003 B1: 19961016
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The invention relates to a process for the stabilization of plasma generation by means of electron beam vapour depositors. The use of high-performance electrons to coat large substrate surfaces has the disadvantage that the plasma excitation of the vapour is low. The aim is to achieve stable operation of the equipment at high vapour deposition rates and stable plasma excitation of the vapour cloud without additional electrodes. According to the invention, the vapour deposition rate of the electron beam vapour depositor is adjusted to such a high level that at least 10% of the electron beam power is absorbed by the vapour in the vaporization chamber and the optical emission of the generated plasma is then measured. The operating parameters of the electron gun or a process parameter are then controlled so that the optical emission and thus also the energy absorption remains constant. The process is preferably applied for surface coating, e.g. in metallurgy, in mechanical engineering, opt ics, and in the packaging and glass industries.