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Verfahren zur selektiven Abscheidung einer Metallschicht

Selective deposition of a metal layer or polar compound.
: Pochner, K.; Horn, H.; Beil, S.; Hilgers, C.

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DE 1997-19748888 A1: 19971105
DE 1998-19851101 A: 19981105
EP 1998-121020 A: 19981105
DE 19851101 A1: 19990506
EP 926262 B1: 20030326
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NOVELTY - Site selective coupling of multi-atom polar compound (I) to surface of a polymer substrate where regions of the surface are treated with electromagnetic radiation. Components in the base material of the polymer are converted to reactive centers and brought into contact with a liquid solution of the polar compound (I) to couple (I) to the reactive centers. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for a process for the selective deposition of a metal layer onto the surface of a polymer substrate comprising: (A) irradiating the areas of the surface to be coated with electromagnetic radiation to produce reactive centers; (B) fixing the reactive functional groups on the surface with a noble metal compound by contact with a solution of one or more noble metal compounds (II); (C) depositing the metal layer in an electroless plating bath. USE - The process is useful for the selective deposition of metal layers or polar compounds onto the surface of polymeric substrate. ADVANTAGE - The process allows the site selective or partial deposition of coatings.