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Verfahren zur Regelung von Glimmentladungen mit pulsfoermiger Energieversorgung

Procedure for controlling glow discharge processes - has pulse frequency, period length or half-wave length measured, compared to theoretical value and difference used to control process parameter.
: Kirchhoff, V.; Kopte, T.; Schulze, M.; Peters, C.

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DE 1997-19703791 A: 19970201
DE 1997-19703791 A: 19970201
EP 1998-909378 AW: 19980130
WO 1998-EP500 A: 19980130
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A procedure for controlling glow discharge processes has pulse-shaped energy in-feed into at least two electrodes by control of a process parameter using a control circuit. The pulse frequency, period length or length of individual positive and/or negative half-waves of the energy fed in are measured. From the measured size, a signal is derived. By comparison of this with a given theoretical value, a difference signal is formed and with this, at least one process parameter is controlled. As a process parameter, the inert gas flow, reactive gas flow, inert gas/reactive gas mixture, discharge current, discharge voltage and discharge power are all controlled. ADVANTAGE - Low expense in apparatus and use of simple components, allowing stable, defined and guided process.