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Verfahren zur Oberflaechenverguetung innerer Oberflaechen von Hohlkoerpern und Vorrichtung zur Durchfuehrung des Verfahrens

Method and apparatus for treatment of inner surfaces of hollow components - using excited plasma particles produced by glow discharge from a hollow cathode and transported by a gas stream.
: Jung, T.; Hellmich, A.

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DE 1997-19726443 A: 19970623
DE 1997-19726443 A: 19970623
EP 1998-110893 A: 19980613
EP 887438 B1: 20011017
DE 19726443 C2: 20031120
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Treatment of the inner surface of a hollow component (40) with at least one opening using glow discharge of excited plasma from hollow cathode serving as an excitation source. Resultant excited plasma particles used for surface treatment are transported to the inner surface of the component in a gas stream flowing through the component. The hollow component is located in a vacuum vessel (30), and is separate from the hollow cathode. The apparatus (in addition to the items already mentioned) includes gas supply (10, 21), an anode and a current supply. The vacuum vessel houses the hollow cathode and at least a part of the hollow component undergoing inner surface treatment. USE - For coating and hardening of inner surfaces of hollow components.