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Verfahren zur Lage- und Formkorrektur der Bearbeitungsgeometrie bei der Laserbearbeitung

Position and shape correction of the geometry of laser operations on workpieces - using the reflection of a light track produced by a pilot light beam on the workpiece surface.
: Morgenthal, L.; Schwarz, T.; Grueneberg, D.

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DE 1997-19722415 A: 19970528
DE 1997-19722415 A: 19970528
DE 19722415 A1: 19981203
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The method for position and shape correction during laser operations on workpieces involves use of a pilot light beam. Using beam deflection and focussing systems, a light track corresponding to the operation geometry is produced on the workpiece surface. The presence (D) or absence (C) of a reflection (E) of this light track is detected by a sensor which is connected to a signal evaluation unit. The evaluation unit compares the data received with the data from the beam deflection system to establish deviations of the actual position and shape from their nominal values. The error data thus produced is used to correct the subsequent laser operations. USE - In particular, in laser welding installations. ADVANTAGE - Faults are avoided by optimal adaption of the laser operations to the actual workpiece geometry and position.