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Verfahren zur kontinuierlichen enzymatischen Herstellung von Gluconsaeure oder ihren Derivaten und Sorbit und/oder Mannit

Process for the continuous enzymatic reduction of gluconic acid or its derivatives and sorbital and/or mannitol
: Schwab, U.; Kulbe, K.D.; Chmiel, H.; Strathmann, H.; Kulbe, D.

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DE 1983-3326546 A: 19830722
DE 1983-3326546 A: 19830722
EP 1984-106464 A: 19840606
DE 3326546 A1: 19850207
EP 132557 B1: 19901010
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The description refers to a process for the continuous enzymatic production of gluconic acid and/or its derivatives and sorbite or mannite or sorbite and mannite from glucose and fructose or disaccharides containing glucose and/or fructose. In a reactor are added the glucose dehydrogenase and sorbite dehydrogenase or mannite dehydrogenase or polyol dehydrogenase and, if necessary, also other dehydrogenases, isomerases or specific glucosidases and an additional redox system, an aqueous solution of glucose and/or fructose and an aqueous solution of a disaccharide containing a glucose and/or fructose and the aqueous solution of the products formed (gluconic acid and sugar alcohols) are continuously taken from the reactor. The involved reactions are matched to such an extent that the additional redox system reduced or oxidized in the first reaction is reoxidized or reduced in a simultaneous secondary action so that a continuous production of the two products is possible.