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Verfahren zur Hydrophilierung von Glassubstraten und deren Verwendung

Production of permanent hydrophilic finish on glass substrate - comprises reaction with silane containing hydrophilic organic group and free hydroxyl or alkoxy group reacting with hydroxyl groups on glass surface, reducing dazzle.
: Schottner, G.; Voigt, P.; Amberg-Schwab, S.; Schmidt Ihn, E.

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DE 1997-19702385 A: 19970123
DE 1997-19702385 A: 19970123
EP 1997-121715 A: 19971210
DE 19702385 A1: 19980730
EP 855372 B1: 20030319
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The process for making glass substrates hydrophilic comprises reacting (i) silane(s) (I) with hydrophilic organic group(s) R' and free hydroxyl (OH) and/or OR group(s) with (ii) the glass substrate to form Si-O-Si linkages between the silane and Si-OH groups of the glass substrate; and selecting the R' group(s) so that the angle of contact between the treated glass substrate and water is < 22 deg. . USE - The treated glass substrates are used e.g. in vehicles (claimed), e.g. as windscreens. ADVANTAGE - The present treatment improves the wiping quality, has high long-term stability and causes little scattering of light. It also prevents drops of dew or rain forming, which otherwise would also reduce visibility.