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Verfahren zur Herstellung waermereflektierender Schichtsysteme auf transparenten Substraten

Forming heat-reflective layer system, esp. on glass - by depositing alternate highly refractive metal oxide and vacuum-deposited silver layers without intermediate blocking layers, former by sputtering with two metal electrodes.
: Kirchhoff, V.; Hartung, U.; Soeder, B.; Groeninger, E.

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DE 1995-19548430 A: 19951222
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WO 1996-DE2429 A: 19961213
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The prodn. of a heat reflective layer system, comprising alternate vacuum deposited silver and reactively sputtered highly refractive metal oxide layers, on a transparent (esp. glass) substrate, by reactively depositing the metal oxide layer, immediately after each silver layer deposition, by alternate sputtering of two metallic sputtering electrodes, the sputtering electrode polarity being changed at 30-80 kHz for each target change. USE - Used esp. for coating window glazing for heat insulating and sun screening purposes. ADVANTAGE - The method eliminates deposition of an additional blocking layer, without loss in the integral visible light transmission and/or IR reflection caused by anodic oxidn., and is easily performed under prodn. conditions in a plant which is no more expensive than conventional plants.