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Multilayer noise and/or heat insulating composite element manufacture - by microwave heating of a microwave-absorbing, foamable polymer to initiate foaming and produce sufficient conducted heat.
: Elsner, P.; Geissler, A.; Emmerich, R.; Eyerer, P.; Zuern, M.; Ziegler, L.; Ziegler, M.

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DE 1996-19633467 A: 19960820
DE 1996-19633467 A: 19960820
EP 1996-944764 AW: 19970818
WO 1997-EP4490 A: 19970818
DE 19633467 C2: 19990121
EP 923442 B1: 20020313
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A process is claimed for manufacturing a two or more layer composite comprising a carrier material (6) mainly or wholly made of a polymer transparent to microwaves bonded to a porous layer (7) based on a chemically-blown polymer foam which absorbs microwaves. The foamable polymer is heated by microwaves to activate the blowing agent and the polymer foam (7) created is simultaneously or subsequently heated by microwaves so that conducted heat melts the surface of the adjacent carrier material (6) and bonds the latter to the foam after cooling. USE - Used for production of composite structures used as heat or noise insulating elements in vehicle construction or structural engineering. ADVANTAGE - The bond between the layers requires no solvent ensuring a more environmentally friendly process.