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Verfahren zur Herstellung von PZT-Schichten aus niedrig sinterndem PZT-Pulver

Process for the production of PZT coatings made of low sintered PZT powder
: Seffner, L.; Gesemann, H.J.; Voelker, K.

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DE 1994-4416245 A: 19940507
DE 1994-4416245 A: 19940507
DE 4416245 C1: 19950413
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Bleizirkonattitanat; Dickschichttechnologie; lead zirconate titanate; PZT; thick film technology

The invention refers to the fields of electrical engineering and electronics and relates to a process for producing PZT coatings as required by piezo-electrical components, for example. The task of the invention is to specify a process for the production of PZT coatings with coating thicknesses of >= 20 m on substrates of any shape. The task is solved by a process for the production of PZT coatings, by which low sintered PZT powder or a PZT powder mixture is dispersed and applied to a substrate in the form of a PZT coating, and is then dried and sintered below 1000 degrees C. Before sintering, an agent is applied over the entire outer surface of the PZT coating. The total quantity of the oxide mixtures in the agent is then maximum 25 percent by mass. After sintering, the external surface of the PZT coating is coated with a pore-filling material and is then heated to a temperature below the sintering temperature of the PZT coating. This process sequence is performed once or several times in succession in various orders and a number of process steps.