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Verfahren zur Herstellung von optischen Bauelementen

Manufacturing optical components - from adhesives by spraying-on small droplets to produce extreme range of active and passive, optionally-multilayer optical and electro-optical micro-components.
: Guyenot, V.; Risse, S.; Peschel, T.

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DE 1997-19726644 A: 19970618
DE 1997-19726644 A: 19970618
DE 19726644 A1: 19981224
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The method produces optical components. These are typically passive, e.g. lenses, prisms, gratings, beam splitters, mirrors, optical waveguides and optical fibres. They are alternatively active, e.g. photodetectors, displacement detectors, light-emitting diodes and laser diodes. They are produced in both the optical and the microelectronic industries. The optically-active surfaces are produced with one or more micro-optical structures, e.g. lenses, reflectors and/or waveguides by spraying-on small adhesive droplets. USE - To make a wide range of active and passive optical components using adhesives, especially micro-optical components. ADVANTAGE - This method avoids costly, moulding methods of the highest optical precision, in producing plastic lenses. Achromatism and spectral dispersion are maintained where required, in e.g. photoelectric detectors. Examples, in which optical components are micro-engineered, are detailed. These include a lens with double focal points, a light distribu tion screen, a light scattering disc, optical integrator or condenser, a micro-optical scattered light detector with angular resolution, and the making of a tool for micro-optic mass production. Lenses can be applied over non-planar substrates. The patent disclosure includes a small review of leading prior art literature.