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Prodn. of low-shrinkage film from starch and plasticisers - by extrusion blow moulding, using a starch mixt. contg. high-amylose starch and normal-amylose starch.
: Weigel, P.; Schwarz, W.; Frigge, K.; Vorwerg, W.

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DE 1995-19512252 A: 19950331
DE 1995-19512252 A: 19950331
EP 1996-104414 A: 19960320
EP 735080 A: 19961002
DE 19512252 C2: 20000531
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An extrusion blow moulding process for the prodn. of film from starch and plasticisers, using a starch mixt. contg. 10-40 wt% high-amylose starch (I) and 90-60 wt% normal-amylose starch (II). Also claimed is film made by this process, pref. with a tensile strength of more than 8 MPa. Pref. the starch mixt. used contains 15-20 wt.% (I) and 85-80 wt.% (II). Pref. (II) is potato, maize or wheat starch and (I) is amylo-maize or marrow pea starch with an amylose content of more than 50%. The plasticiser contains polyethylene glycol (PEG), pref. with a mol. wt. of more than 20000, esp. pref. more than 30000. Pref. plasticiser is a mixt. of water, glycerol, urea and PEG, in amts. of 5-15 (pref. 7.5-10) wt.%, 10-20 (pref. 10-15) wt.%, 5-15 (pref. 7.5-10) wt.% and 2-6 (pref. 4-5) wt.% resp. w.r.t. the starch/plasticiser mixt. USE - Used, e.g. as packaging film and for agricultural applications. ADVANTAGE - Enables the prodn. of starch film with a combination of high blow-up ratio and very low s hrinkage.