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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Faserverbundwerkstoffen

Process for the production of fibre composites
: Schrader, H.; Buehler, K.

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DE 1987-3740424 A: 19871128
DE 1987-3740424 A: 19871128
DE 3740424 A1: 19890608
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In a process for the production of fibre composites, continuous metallic fibres are saturated with a metallic melt and the resulting composite is subjected to a shaping process after the matrix has solidified. The degree of shaping is preferably more than 40% and can be more than 90%. Shaping can take place in several shaping operations with intermediate heat treatment, the shaping temperatures being preferably below 500 degrees C. The process is in particular ideal for fibre composites in which the fibres are on a tungsten base and the matrix materials used are copper, nickel, depleted uranium or its alloys. The composite can be placed in a sleeve also made of metallic material, preferably high-strength steel, before passing to the shaping process.