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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Dispersionen wasserloeslicher Vinylpolymerer und Stabilisator zur Durchfuehrung des Verfahrens

Prepn. of stable water-soluble cationic vinyl polymer dispersion - involves free radical homo-polymerisation of cationic hydrophobic modified monomers or copolymerisation of non-ionic hydrophobic monomers.
: Jaeger, W.; Zimmermann, A.; Reichert, K.H.; Zeitz, K.

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Prepn. of dispersions of water-soluble cationic vinyl polymers (I) from water-soluble vinyl monomer(s) involves free radical homopolymerisation of cationic hydrophobic modified monomers (II) or copolymerisation of (II) or nonionic hydrophobic monomers with cationic and/or neutral monomers in aq. salt soln. in the presence of a water-soluble initiator and stabiliser. The novelty is that the stabiliser is a block copolymer of a cationic vinyl monomer and ethylene oxide. Also claimed is the stabiliser for carrying out this process. USE - Solns. of (I) are useful for assisting sepn. processes, e.g. flocculation, coagulation, retention and dewatering in water treatment, waste liquor purificn., in the paper, coal and ore industries, petroleum recovery and food quality control. ADVANTAGE - The process is simple and gives dispersions with long-term stability, whilst the viscosity of the system remains low throughout polymerisation, so that polymerisation proceeds at a constant rate to a high d eg. of conversion. (I) can be brought into soln. simply by dilution with water.