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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Chitosanalkylderivaten

Preparation of alkyl derivatives of chitosan by de-acetylating chitin in aqueous organic medium - by de-acetylating chitin in aqueous organic medium and alkylating chitosan with alkylating agent, without isolation.
: Loth, F.

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DE 1995-19545325 A: 19951205
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Chitosan alkyl derivatives are prepared by: (a) alkaline deacetylation of chitin in an aqueous organic reaction medium, and (b) without isolation, alkylating the chitosan in the aqueous organic reaction medium by means of an alkylating agent. USE - The derivatives are used as release and carrier materials, e.g. in medicine, biotechnology, water economy, and environmental protection, as thickeners or supports for active materials, e.g. in cosmetics and pharmacy, and as raw materials for production of foils, fibres, membranes, microcapsules and other moulded goods. ADVANTAGE - The process is simple and efficient, and uses small amounts of chemicals. The reaction mixture has an easily handled, free-flowing consistency.