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Verfahren zur Herstellung von beschichteten Werkstuecken

Process for the manufacture of coated workpieces
: Strohbeck, U.; Hoffmann, U.

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DE 1991-4103959 A: 19910209
DE 1991-4103959 A: 19910209
DE 4103959 A1: 19920813
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A process is used for the production of coated workpieces made of totally or only partially electrically non-conductive materials, in particular plastics. In said process, the electrical conductivity of the non-conductive areas of the workpiece surface to be coated is first increased by a controlled oxidation reaction followed by the application of an electrostatic coating. Oxidation of the non-conductive workpiece surface can be performed by etching using a highly ionized gas generated by a discharge process, either in the form of a corona or a plasma discharge, or by treatment with an oxidizing flame or an oxidizing acid.