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Verfahren zur Herstellung poroeser Keramik der Zusammensetzung Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3

Production of porous ceramic composition - by forming solution containing e.g. lead carboxylates and solvent, condensing, ageing and forming gel.
: Loebmann, P.; Glaubitt, W.; Fricke, J.

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DE 1996-19622500 A: 19960605
DE 1996-19622500 A: 19960605
EP 1997-108293 A: 19970522
DE 19622500 C2: 19980917
EP 811587 B1: 20000809
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Production of a porous ceramic composition. :Pb(ZrxTi1-x)-O3 (where x = 0 -0.9) comprises : (a) forming a 0.5 molecule solution containing polar solvents with complexing chelating properties, Pb(II) or Pb(IV) carboxylates derived from (un)substituted (un)saturated cyclic or aromatic 1-18C (hydroxy) carboxylic acids, and Ti-or Zr-compound(s) derived from compounds of formula : M(or)4 (where M = Ti or Zr; and R = 1-10C linear, branched or cyclic alk(en)yl); (b) hydrolytically condensing the resulting solution with at least 2.5 equivalents water optionally in presence of a dissolving intermediary and/or a catalyst; (c) ageing the resulting gel; (d) replacing the polar solvent into the pores of the gel by a non-chelated overcritically dry solvent of low polarity; (e) drying the gel formed; and (f) tempering the resulting aerogel until complete crystallisation of the required phase. USE - Used for the production of lead titanate or lead zirconium titanate ceramic in ultrasound sensors and a ctuators. ADVANTAGE - The materials are highly porous.