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Verfahren zur Herstellung phlegmatisierter Sprengstoffe

Process for the production of desensitized explosives
: Mueller, D.; Helfrich, M.; Mandt, M.

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DE 1991-4111752 A: 19910411
DE 1991-4111752 A: 19910411
EP 1992-102032 A: 19920207
DE 4111752 C1: 19920917
EP 509200 B1: 19950705
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In a process for the production of phlegmatized explosive, in particular hexagon (RDX), particulate explosive, which is a component of plastic-bound explosives or propellant powders, having a grain size of up to 20 m, is suspended in an aqueous dispersion together with a phlegmatizing polymer, said suspension being applied to a revolving heated roll, the application being dried at a temperature of > 100 C and scraped off the roll after drying.