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Verfahren zur Herstellung organisch modifizierter Oxid-, Oxinitrid- oder Nitridschichten durch Vakuumbeschichtung und danach beschichtetes Substrat

Production of organically modified oxide, oxynitride or nitride coatings - using plasma assisted vapour coating method..
: Neumann, M.; Schiller, S.; Morgner, H.; Schiller, N.; Straach, S.

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DE 1995-19548160 A: 19951222
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WO 1996-DE2434 A: 19961213
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Organically modified oxide and/or nitride coatings are produced continuous substrates (1) by high rate vaporisation of oxide forming reactive material (5) which passes through a high density plasma (6) as it mixes with oxygen and nitrogen fed from tubes (8,9) and gaseous monomer material fed from tubes (10,11). USE - To produce transparent foil for packaging and transparent corrosion and wear resistant coatings for window surfaces, decorative surfaces or building cladding. ADVANTAGE - Coatings are produced at a high coating rate,preferably 20-1000 nm/second and besides having good corrosion and wear resistance also have good flexibility which enables further working. Coatings have high homogeneity over large surface areas.