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Verfahren zur Herstellung elektrisch isolierender, mechanisch spannungsarmer und permanenter Verbindungen

Electrically insulating low stress permanent bond prodn. - using organo silica poly condensate contg. property modifying additive
: Dabek, A.; Reichl, H.; Krabe, D.

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DE 1995-19520034 A: 19950531
DE 1995-19520034 A: 19950531
DE 19520034 A1: 19961205
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A method of producing electrically insulating, low stress, permanent bonds between components involves (a) adjusting the properties of an organically modified silicic acid (hetero)polycondensate by introduction of additives; (b) applying the (hetero)polycondensate onto one of the components; (c) placing the other component(s) onto the (hetero)polycondensate; and (d) curing the (hetero)polycondensate. Pref additives include N-methyl diethanolamine, hexahydrophthalic acid anhydride or isopropylthioxanthone USE - Esp. for bonding microelectronic, micromechanical and microoptical materials, devices and components, esp. active and passive semiconductors, conductors and insulators. ADVANTAGE - The method allows simple and inexpensive bonding of any combination of semiconductive, metallic or insulating surfaces with a thin bonding layer at down to 80deg.C without the use of expensive materials (e.g. polyimide) or processes (e.g. sputtering).