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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Metall- oder Keramikwerkstuecks

Production of a metal or ceramic workpiece - using a porous or partially porous mould which allows the evaporating solvent to escape through it.
: Shen, J.; Wang, L.; Sigmund, W.; Aldinger, F.

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DE 1997-19722004 A: 19970527
DE 1997-19722004 A: 19970527
DE 19722004 A1: 19981203
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Production of a metal or ceramic workpiece, where a liquid suspension consisting of a solvent and metal or ceramic powder particles is poured into a mould and is allowed to dry out. Subsequently the casting is removed from the mould and sintered. The mould (15) is at least partially produced using a regenerative rapid prototyping process. The mould is porous over some sections at least so that after the liquid suspension is poured into the mould the evaporating solvent can escape through it. USE - For production of prototypes. ADVANTAGE - Prototypes with properties similar to those of the corresponding series-produced items can be produce quickly and simply.