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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Lacks und seine Verwendung zum Beschichten von Substraten mit einem alkalistabilen und abriebbestaendigen Ueberzug

Process for the manufacture of an alkaline-stable and wear-resistant coating and paint for use in said process
: Arpac, E.; Glaubitt, W.; Greiwe, K.

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DE 1990-4025215 A: 19900809
DE 1990-4025215 A: 19900809
EP 1991-113365 A: 19910808
DE 4025215 C2: 19940310
EP 471301 A: 19920219
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The description refers to a process for the production of a paint based on hydrolyzable silanes, characterized by adding water to one or more hydrolyzable compounds of the general formula (I) SiR<-4, in which the residues R are selected from hydrolyzable groups, hydroxyl groups and non-hydrolyzable groups, whereby at least some of the non-hydrolyzable groups present have at least one amino group and the molar ratio of the hydrolyzable groups present to the residues present containing amino groups ranges from 5 : 1 to 1 : 1, whereby a molar ratio of water to hydrolyzable groups present is selected in the range 1 : 1 to 0.4 : 1, and by adding at least one compound containing at least two epoxy groups in the molecule before, during or after adding the water in such a quantity that the molar ratio of epoxy groups to amino groups in the non-hydrolyzable residues of the compounds of the general formula (I) ranges from 4 : 1 to 1 : 4. A paint obtained using this process exhibits in particular excellent alkaline resistance and wear resistance and is therefore suitable in particular for coating ceramic materials, glass and metals.