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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines flaechig ausgebildeten Lichtumlenkelements sowie eine Vorrichtung zur Durchfuehrung des Verfahrens

Producing laminar designed light deflecting element of flexible material transparent to sunlight - using method with number of steps and heated wire, working flexible material to stretch one surface provided with cuts running mutually parallel.
: Wirth, H.

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DE 1996-19637199 A: 19960912
DE 1996-19637199 A: 19960912
DE 19637199 C2: 19980716
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The method produces laminar designed light deflecting elements from material (1) transparent to sunlight, with two plane boundary layers totally reflecting sunlight, which are provided between the plane surfaces. A system is also provided for carrying out the method. The method also includes the application of narrow air gaps (3) in the flexible material, which have a gap distance in the micrometer range, which is smaller than the distance between both surfaces of the flexible material. The boundary surfaces worked into the material transparent to sunlight has a very high quality, so that the light is totally reflected at these surfaces is deflected without losses. ADVANTAGE - Cost effective prodn. Easily integratable in window surfaces. It has small structural depth. Visibility characteristics remain substantially unimpaired. Suitable tools can contribute to reduction of prodn. costs.