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Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Anordnung von in Serie bzw. Reihe geschalteten Einzel-Solarzellen

One-side contacted series-connected solar cell array - formed on insulating substrate.
: Hebling, C.; Glunz, S.; Raeuber, A.; Knobloch, J.

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DE 1997-19715138 A: 19970413
DE 1997-19715138 A: 19970413
DE 19715138 A1: 19981022
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Production of a series-connected solar cell array, which is contacted at only one side, involves (a) producing and structuring an initially continuous semiconductor layer on an insulating substrate to produce individual cells, each having a selective emitter and being contacted at one side; (b) electrically separating the individual cells before or after production; and (c) connecting the cells in series. Preferably, the individual cells are electrically separated by high energy laser beams, sawing, sand blasting, wet etching or plasma ion bombardment, resulting in separation trenches between and around the individual cells. USE - Especially as a one-side contacted, thin film solar cell array. ADVANTAGE - The array employs an insulating substrate (e.g. a ceramic wafer) instead of an expensive single crystal silicon substrate and has high efficiency.