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Verfahren zur Carbonisierung von Fasern, Faser und Faserverbundwerkstoff

Fibers, especially natural fibers for producing carbon fiber composites.
: Urban, H.; Emmerich, R.; Elsner, P.; Gittel, D.

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DE 1997-19749475 A: 19971108
DE 1997-19749475 A: 19971108
DE 19749475 A1: 19990520
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NOVELTY - Fibers, especially natural fibers, are carbonized by plasma treatment. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for (i) a fiber produced by the above carbonizing process; and (ii) a fiber composite material consisting at least partially of fibers produced by the above carbonizing process. USE - Especially for carbonizing natural fibers to produce carbon fibers for composite material production. ADVANTAGE - The process allows partial or complete carbonization of inexpensive natural fibers for production of carbon fibers, avoids the use of environmentally noxious materials and causes no thermal or mechanical damage of the fiber structure, so that the fibers retain optimal strength properties which are superior to those of synthetic fibers.