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Verfahren zur Bestimmung des Ladungszustandes und weiterer physikalischer Groessen eines wiederaufladbaren elektrischen Energiespeichers

Process for the determination of the charge state and other physical parameters of a rechargeable electrical energy storage device
: Birkle, M.; Grasemann, G.; Steusloff, H.

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DE 1989-3915550 A1: 19890512
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EP 1990-906876 AW: 19900508
WO 1990-DE322 A: 19900508
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Process for the measurement of the physical parameters of rechargeable electric energy storage units, in which the process input parameters of the energy storage unit (I, t, T<-AKKu, T<-Umg, U(t)) are measured and processed in a computer, whereby a predetermined model based on the known principle of indirect measurement is used, said model assuming the form of closed linear or non-linear multi-parametric functions and/or heuristic parameterization providing an estimation, which represents the physical parameters to be measured and their physical interrelationships with which the measured process input parameters are compared, and the model and/or the estimation is adapted for the next measurement.