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Verfahren zur Bestimmung der Elementkonzentration beim Elektronenstrahlschmelzen

Process for determining the element concentration in electron beam melts
: Panzer, S.; Schiller, S.; Schiller, N.

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DE 1992-4208955 A: 19920319
EP 1993-905160 AW: 19930303
WO 1993-DE203 W: 19930303
EP 631666 B1: 19970618
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The element concentration can be measured quickly and with high precision in situ for melts using electron beam energy. Starting from the characteristic X radiation of the elements contained in the melt, measuring phases are integrated in the melt process at specific time intervals. During this time, the melt regime is modified in order to perform an X-ray analysis of the concentration measurement. The process is applied to alloy melts.