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Verfahren zur Beschichtung von sub-Mikrometerstrukturen und seine Anwendung

Method of coating submicrometer structures for highly integrated circuits - by vapour coating using a transport inert gas..
: Weber, A.; Jung, T.

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DE 1995-19513918 A: 19950412
DE 1995-19513918 A: 19950412
DE 19513918 C1: 19961107
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Submicrometer structures are coated by cathodic sputtering or vaporising a target material in a high or low vacuum chamber with a carrier inert gas going past the target, collecting the vapour material and transporting it perpendicularly onto the surface to be coated. USE - Coating highly integrated circuits. ADVANTAGE - The bottom and sides of small surface depressions are coated at high speed without the depressions becoming fully filled in.