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Verfahren zur Behandlung von Fluessigkeiten

Process for handling liquids
: Pochner, K.; Neff, W.

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DE 1993-4338902 A1: 19931115
DE 1994-4440813 A: 19941115
DE 4440813 C2: 19991209
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The present invention relates to a process for handling liquids, in particular for cleaning and disinfecting water, using an electrical discharge, whereby the liquid is placed in a discharge chamber formed by at least two electrodes, whereby an alternating current voltage is applied to the electrodes, whereby at least one electrode is a dielectric, whereby the discharge chamber between the electrodes is only partially filled with the liquid to be treated, and whereby a gas discharge takes place in the chamber between the liquid and the electrodes opposite to the free liquid surface. According to the invention, the gas discharge takes place in the form of micro discharges, by which micro discharge filaments form in the discharge chamber. The micro discharge filaments have a finite, in particular short, life and repeat themselves. The micro discharge filaments thus extend from the free liquid surface to the opposite electrode.