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Verfahren zur automatischen Bildauswertung in der Neurobiologie

: Amunts, K.; Istomin, V.

Vision and Voice Magazine 6 (1992), Nr.1, S.18-22
ISSN: 0936-8469
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Anwendung; application; Bildauswertung; cytorarchitecture; image analysis; Morphocorticographie; morphocorticography; Neurobiologie; neurobiology; Zytoarchitektur

For more than ten years attempts have been made to apply automatic procedures for exploration of cortical cytoarchitectonics. Investigations of human and pigs brains were carried out by a method described as "automatic morphocorticography". In the result of image analysis we got a set of parameter curves reflecting AREA-specific, individual, ontogenetic and pathological changes. The paper deals with various applications of this method and explores some measurement results and its clinical interpretation.