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Process for roughening plastic surfaces - by depositing particles so that open spaces are left between them and irradiating uncovered regions electromagnetically.
: Horn, H.; Pochner, K.; Beil, S.

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DE 1997-19718177 A: 19970429
DE 1997-19718177 A: 19970429
EP 1998-107593 A: 19980427
DE 19718177 A1: 19981105
EP 875360 B1: 20030820
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In the new process, particles (6) are deposited so that open spaces are left between them. Uncovered regions are irradiated electromagnetically, becoming partially excavated. Preferably, particles applied are opaque to radiation. They are metallic, mineral, ceramic or polymer particles. They are coated-on, dry, or as a suspension in a carrier fluid. Alternatively they are applied as a solution. Solvent evaporation leaves particle crystals on the surface. There is another substance in solution, with differing absorption to the incident radiation. Particles may refract or focus the radiation. USE - For micro-roughening of plastic surfaces, especially for metallisation purposes. ADVANTAGE - The method is particularly suitable for homogenous plastics, and can produce down to submicron roughness. The form, depth and degree of roughening are independent of the plastic forming the substrate. Location-selective roughening is readily achieved. Nano particle suspensions can be applied, agglomera ting to microparticles as they dry. The particles themselves may be damaged or decomposed in the radiation field. Masking and etching processes are carried out. Further inventive possibilities are discussed in the text.