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Verfahren zur Anpassung des Generators bei bipolaren Niederdruck-Glimmprozessen

Process for matching the generator in bipolar low-pressure glow processes
: Kirchhoff, V.; Schiller, S.; Reschke, J.; Goedicke, K.

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DE 1993-4324683 A: 19930722
DE 1993-4324683 A: 19930722
EP 1994-920881 A: 19940713
WO 1994-DE817 W: 19940713
DE 4324683 C1: 19941117
EP 710429 B1: 19990623
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In order to perform bipolar low-pressure glow processes, a static and dynamic matching of the generator to the electrodes in large power and frequency ranges is required. Known processes require either a high technical effort or are not applicable in the range. According to the invention, the operative time for the glow process during the positive and/or negative half-wave is controlled in such a way that at least no energy is applied for the period of part of a negative and/or positive half-wave of the glow equipment. The invention is applied to the plasma treatment of surfaces, deposition of layers from the plasma and plasma-aided surface cleaning.